ZoneAlarm: Flyer/Print Ad/Digital Banner/webpage

Singtel was offering a new mobile security product called ZoneAlarm that is intended to replace the existing one by McAfee. ZA is a mobile app and requires customers to subscribe in order to use the service. This piece of communication is required to raise awareness of the new product launch and drive subscriptions in-store. The copy is meant to educate consumers on the need & importance of Mobile Security as well as the benefits of the app and price points, so as to drive enquires and sign ups in-store.

In-store Flyer Picture1.png



Digital Banner gif (300×600)




Print Ad – GE ZoneAlarm + Samsung Note7



SIM only: Digital banner gif


SIM only: Facebook post



ReadyRoam Deal Phase 1 Extended

This brief was to refresh the digital banners for the extended promotion of the ReadyRoam Deal. Banners are also required to be country-specific for better targeting.


i-PhoneNet UC print ad

After a quick survey done by the clients about i-PhoneNet UC, the main feature which stood out to the consumers were making and receiving calls using a fixed line number on your mobile. Hence, this brief was to relook the i-PhoneNet UC layout and do two options which dial up the main feature. The first copy would be product centric and the second would have a business approach.




Client: Ministry for Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY)

Our Singapore Fund (OSF) website copy

Link to OSF website:

SGfuture campaign comic illustration copy

As part of SGfuture campaign publicity efforts, 8 selected SGfuture project stories were to be posted in the form of 4 frames comic illustration on Facebook. The selected projects are meant to be an inspiration to fellow Singaporeans; they tell stories about how Singapore create a better future for the nation by coming together in unity, and making things happen. The main call to action for the copy that would accompany each illustration post is to get readers to share the stories on social media, and to visit the SGfuture website to find out more and potentially take action.

Comic copy + facebook post



SGfuture website:


Client: Ministry of Trade & Industry (MTI)

Consumer Campaign Phase 2: We Are InDIYpendent #DIYChampions Competition

The purpose was to draft a certificate of completion for the contestants.

MTI website:


Client: UPS 

IMT Hong Kong: High Tech Digital Banners

This brief focused on the development of new assets leveraging what UPS currently possesses but have not yet been fully utilised. The messaging was mainly on the core message/pain point for High Tech segment which was a guaranteed speed for high tech deliveries to over 220 countries & territories worldwide. The creative concept had to communicate fast, reliable exports to the world.

Web Banner (160×600)



Inactive Customer Program (ICP 2016)

The purpose of this brief is to develop communications to encourage lapsed UPS customers to start shipping with UPS again. This is so that they may attract greater interest and create willingness-to-try from customers by offering them a structured incentive based on the shipments they complete. The two targeted groups of customers are mostly logistics managers or office managers who 1) opened an account more than 6 months ago but never shipped and 2) previously shipped with UPS but have not shipped in the last 6-12 months.