“For writers who have lost hope in Justice but won’t give in to despair, the job now is to find words powerful enough to stop bullets.”

Tips for writing copy for JUSTICE

  • Don’t get caught up in technology. Figure out where and how your prospects live, then find the best tools out there today to connect with them. Keep an open mind. Anything can be a medium.
  • Make everything work together. Too many websites, email campaigns, etc. seem to have nothing to do with the overall brand communication.
  • Help your clients understand the need to be socially responsible. Caring about more than profits is going to be more and more expected of companies. Nearly 90% of people now call themselves conscious consumers, and they’re making that known with their pocketbooks.

“Speech and writing are our most civilized tools for social and political action. This is why we cherish free speech and democracy, why we have parliaments, debates, laws, a universal declaration of human rights, and courts to hear evidence and arguments. But when free speech is stifled, laws are emasculated, justice is denied and writers censored or bullied into silence, what then? What happens when words fail?” – Indra Sinha

“To tell the truth? Words tortured until they give themselves up to their polar opposites: Demoracy, Freedom, Porfress, when returned to their cells, are incoherent. And then there are other words, Imperialism, Capitalism, Slavery, wich are refused entry, are turned back at every frontier point, and their confiscated papers given to impostors such as Globalisation, Free Market, Natural Order.” –John Berger in A to X

“Zafar my love, when grief and pain turn into anger, when rage is as useless as our tears, when those in power become blind, deaf and dumb in our presence and the world’s forgotten us, what then should we do? You tell us to put away anger, choke back our bitterness, and be patient, in the hope that justice will one day win? We have already been waiting twenty years. And when the government that is supposed to protect us manipulates the law against us, of what use then is the law? Must we still obey it, while our opponents twist it to whatever they please? It’s no longer anger, Zafar, but despair that whispers, if the law is useless, does it matter if we go outside it? What else is left?” –Indra Singa in Animal’s People

“Laughter is like fire. It cleans… We laugh when we recognize truth. We laugh when there is nothing else we can do.”


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