The Alchemy of Pilgrimage by Paulo Coelho

Life itself is a pilgrimage.


Nature is never at peace.


What makes life interesting is the unknown – it’s the risks that we take every single moment of our day.


You have to accept your contradictions and learn to live with it. Learning how to live with our contradictions doesn’t keep us away from ethics and respect but rather, we begin to learn about tolerance and compassion.


If you can make love be felt by people –we will probably forget to ask questions like “who am I” but instead, we will realise that we are a manifestation of love. And a manifestation of love cannot be understood, it can only be felt.


The love that goes beyond fact, more powerful than anything else is Agape love; love that consumes. Agape is action, not merely words.


It is about accepting and respecting the mystery of life. We don’t need explanations for everything. We need to fill our life with love. And since love does not have any explanations, let us simply enjoy this life.



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